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June 18 2014

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 Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari, Director: Robert Wiene, 1920
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Dior, London, Spring 2013

June 16 2014

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Alice in Wonderland, Le Printemps. February 2010.
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June 14 2014

Sketches for the set of Vertigo directed by Alfred Hitchcock, 1958 
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Scarlett, photography: Tim Walker, set design: Rhea Thierstein

June 10 2014

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"Edward Scissorhands", Director: Tim Burton, Art Directors: Tom Duffield, Bo Welch

June 09 2014

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Gregory Crewdson, Brief Encounters
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"Sweeney Todd" , 2005, Wolf Trap Opera, set designer: Erhard Rom
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Tilda W Magazine, photography: Tim Walker, set design and costume: Rhea Thierstein
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"Magical thinking", photography: Tim Walker, set design: Shona Heath
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June 02 2014

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"Later the same evening", set designer: Erhard Rom

June 01 2014

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